Sprestine Sea — We offer the finest seafood from the coast of Canada world wide.
Our future is bright! The combination of experience, technology & science has fostered the growth of Sprestine Sea Inc. into a highly reputable company in the Live Lobster Market. With a capacity to hold 600,000 lbs of live lobster, Sprestine Sea Inc. is one of Atlantic Canadaís largest wholesaler and exporter of premium quality live lobster. Purchasing from over 70 sustainable harvesters, We are well positioned to source premium quality, hard-shell live lobster from our Maritime provinces all year round.

And we are proud of our live lobster holding facility! The health and quality of our live lobster stock is achieved by simulating the lobsterís natural environment. We pump 1000 filtered gallons per minute of pristine water from St. Maryís Bay. Itís clean, chilled and in constant motion, just like a lobsterís natural habitat.

We go above and beyond to assure quality. We partnered with a leading Nova Scotia technology company (sednatech.io) and equipped each of our holding tanks with sensors to continuously monitor water quality. Accessible by smart phone, our water quality monitoring system will trigger an alert to our in-house maintenance team should any change occur. And we donít stop there. We manually check each holding tank 3 times a day to ensure salinity, oxygen & ammonia levels are within acceptable parameters.

Weíve surpassed the international Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards for safe seafood management; we operate in full compliance with Air Cargo security and safety standards, allowing us to safely and securely ship our product worldwide, and we are a member of high standing with the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance.
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Sprestine Sea — We offer the finest seafood from the coast of Canada world wide.
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